Station camp MS


Site Manager, Kim Malone

Assistant: Cameron

Lead Homework - Harrell

Weekly Schedule:

Monday: Michigan Model Health Edu. Morris

Tuesday: Science - Osborn

Math Tutoring - Olmstead

Wednesday: Healthy Heart/Warren

Thursday:  Spanish - Stroud

Student Voices

I like homework time because you are able to get all your work done. I enjoy it being quiet and relaxed. - Abby

I really like Spanish Class on Thursdays.  The teacher, Senorita Stroud is really nice. I am learning a lot of Spanish.  - Max

So far, my favorite part of Unity is bowling. We watched a video on it to learn. My favorite trip so far was the Humane Society. The reason is because I LOVE ANIMALS!!! My favorite dog was Samson. He is a wolf/husky with one blue eye and one brown eye. He is also a kind, loving, beautiful, strong dog.  - Audrey

My favorite activity is cooking, because I like making pizza, and other things. - Sadio

My favorite thing we did in unity is cooking. I loved making taco pizza’s, and chocolate spoons. Eating them was my favorite thing about it. Rachel



Caricature Pancakes